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We teach over 40 different courses.

Note : All class timings are in EST time zone.

Free Trial Class. We will bill you after the second class.

Classes are taught using videoconferencing and teachers are going to monitor students screens.

100% Money back guarantee for an unsatisfied parent.

Kodu ( Age 6+ )

Microsoft Game Development

This course uses the simple, icon-based, educational programming language developed by the Kodu Game Lab to teach core components of computational design such as conditions and actions. Seeing the commands they have selected come to life as a playable game on their computer screen builds students’ confidence and interest in computer programming.

Scratch ( Age 7+ )

Block-Based Programming

In this class students will create animations and games using the Scratch computer language developed by MIT specifically to teach computer programming to kids. Students will also learn all the major computer programming terms and concepts such as variables, string processing, loops, and more.

MIT App Inventor (Age 9+)

Build Mobile Apps !

Our world is becoming more and more saturated with cell phones and tablets, and with each cell phone comes hundreds of apps. Go beyond just using apps, and join us in creating them! You will use block-based coding software to create your own working app for Android devices.

Web Design ( Age 9+ )

HTML, CSS and JavaScript

This online group class teaches students the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Students will learn programming skills as they create the code for a functioning website focusing on a topic of their own choosing. No prior coding class required.

python ( Age 11+ )

Homework, Quiz and Projects

Online group class teaches core concepts of the Python computer programming language which is used to build websites such as YouTube and DropBox. Prior coding experience required for those 6th grade and younger and recommended for those grades 7+.

Java ( Age 12+ )

Homework, Quiz and Projects

Online group class teaching the Java computer programming language and can help prepare students to take the AP Computer Science A exam. Prior coursework in Python or HTML required.

Ap CS A ( Age 12+ )

Homework, Quiz and Projects

Online group class designed to provide additional review and practice for students currently studying for the AP Computer Science A exam.Prerequisite Course is Java.

Alice ( AGE 9+ )

Build Games.

In this class students will create animations and games using Alice programming language. Noted for its ease and simplicity, Alice was designed at Carnegie Mellon for use in introductory programming classes in high school and college. As they create animated scenes and games using our guided lessons, students learn basic programming theory, computational thinking, debugging techniques and other fundamental programming skills.

2D Digital Arts (AGE 10+)

Creativity and Design

You don't have to be born an artist to make art!! In this class students will create and modify digital art. Using online tools used by professional game developers,students will create and modify their own characters, objects, backgrounds, and components for future or current games or digital art compilations.

Keyboard and Internet Safety ( Age 6 + )

12 Hours

This class doesn't just teach kids how to type… it also teaches them digital citizenship and online safety. Using fun typing games as well as educational activities from Rex Programming,, Google's Be Internet Awesome, and Common Sense Education among others, we will learn how laptop computers work, how to type, and the difference between personal (ok to share online) and private (never ok to share online) information.

Minecraft Mod Jr ( Age 7 + )

12 Hours

Calling all Minecrafters!! Come join us in learning how to make their own server and host it. We will teach you what you need to know to download mods safely and securely.Also, with the introduction of Redstone, students will be able to improve their problem solving skills and critical thinking. A current Minecraft Account (about $30) is recommended for this class. Parents will receive instructions for how to purchase one a few days before class begins.

Minecraft Mod ( Age 10 + )

12 Hours

We will show you how to create a world with rules of your choice that you can play on with just your friends. Students will also learn how to change texture packs to optimize the Minecraft experience. This class includes a group project that will foster teamwork and creativity. Parents will need to purchase a Minecraft account ($27) if the camper does not already have one. You will receive instructions for how to purchase it a few days before class begins.

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Note: All class timings are in EST time zone.