Course Description : An MIT project specifically designed for kids ages 8 to 16, Scratch has been used by educators and parents around the world to help kids develop animations, interactive stories, and games through drag-and-drop code blocks. Scratch is a visual programming language that provides a rich learning environment for people of all ages. Scratch opens up an exciting world of computer programming to kids and other beginning programmers.

Scratch allows you to create interactive, media-rich projects, including animated stories, book reports, science projects, games and simulations. You can create wonderful applications more easily with Scratch than any other programming languages.

Scratch promotes problem solving skills- important in all areas of life, not just programming. The environment provides immediate feedback, allowing you to check your logic quickly and easily. The visual structure makes it a simple matter to trace the flow of your programs and refine your way of thinking. In essence, Scratch makes the idea of computer science accessible. It makes learning intrinsically motivating; fosters the pursuit of knowledge; and encourages hands-on, self-directed learning through exploration and discovery. The barriers to entry are very low, while the ceiling is limited only by your creativity and imagination.