The Kodu Game Lab used in this class is a new visual programming language made specifically for creating games aimed at younger kids, and is specifically designed for creating playable games. It is designed to be accessible for children and enjoyable for anyone. The visual nature of the language allows for rapid design iteration. Users construct programs using visual elements via their PC, and programs are executed in a 3D-simulation environment. The core of the Kodu project is the programming user interface. The language is simple and entirely icon-based. Programs are composed of pages, which are broken down into rules, which are further divided into conditions and actions. Conditions are evaluated simultaneously.

The Kodu language is designed specifically for game development and provides specialized primitives derived from gaming scenarios. Programs are expressed in physical terms, using concepts like vision, hearing, and time to control character behavior. While not as general-purpose as classical programming languages, Kodu can express advanced game design concepts in a simple, direct, and intuitive manner.

This STEM program promotes problem-solving skills, reasoning, and deduction. It builds the student’s confidence and interest in computer programming as they see their ideas come to life on their computer screen. If your child likes Minecraft, they will love Kodu. Contact Rex Programming for more information about our Kodu Microsoft Game Development STEM program.