Are you an educator interested in bringing Rex Programming curriculum to your students?

We offer the following nationwide…

  • Licensed use of our curriculum and lesson plans
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Teacher Training

We also work directly with nearby schools to offer…

  • After School STEM Programs
  • Programming and Engineering Summer Camps at your location
  • Coding or engineering classes during the school day

Greenhill School – Increased Technology Classes from 18 to 55 in 4 Years.

Vicki Truitt, Director of Summer Programs at Greenhill Addison, Texas talks about her experience with Rex Programming and how it helped Greenhill in increasing their technology classes from 18 to 55 in a span of 4 years. In 2019, Rex Programming has taught technology skills to over 400 students at Greenhill.

Our Features

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Our Curriculums

Teacher Directed

Your teachers confirm students are learning the material and grade quizes.

Self Paced

Every student gets their own copy of each lesson.

TEKS Aligned

Curriculum meets or exceeds the state and national guidelines.


Google Classroom (or your preferred LMS)

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