May 3, 2016 | Caitlin Webb

One thing you will find as you get to know Rex more, there isn’t a lack of enthusiasm and passion in any area of our business. Whether we are planning our next party, lesson, or goal, we are constantly excited for the next day at Rex Programming.

The passion that we have for teaching truly comes from the positive experiences and relationships we build with our students. In every class I have taught at Rex, I have gotten to see bright minds create and explore games, animations, and programs. The pride and joy brought on by the success of a student made project is worth every hour we spend outside the classroom preparing, planning, and prepping for our next class.

My favorite part of each week is the time I get to spend at the front of a class teaching it. Even with the experience of teaching in front of a public school classroom, it isn’t the same as working at Rex. These students and parents are just as passionate about learning programming as we are in teaching it. Even students who once didn’t show interest in programming come out of our classes more interested and knowledgeable in technology.