Our weekly Programming and Engineering(robotics) classes feature our proprietary self-paced, teacher-directed, unit-based curriculum. We offer classes in Junior Programming and Junior Engineering for elementary students and beginning middle school students as well as Upper Programming and Upper Engineering for experienced middle school students and all high school students.

Each class covers multiple units, each focusing on a single programming language or engineering module. Under the direction and guidance of the teacher, students progress through the units at their own pace. When a student completes a unit they automatically advance to the next unit without the need to reenroll or change class times. This feature makes our classes an excellent choice for all types of learners and for families with multiple children looking for classes that siblings can take together.

Every unit includes a combination of step-by-step instructions, opened-ended tasks, quizzes, hands-on activities, and (in most cases) a final project. Our younger students create their own computer animations and program robots to complete tasks or race against the clock. Our advanced learners design complex robots and circuits and create their own video games, mobile apps, and websites using JavaScript, HTML, and mobile app development software. We also offer courses in AP Computer Science to qualified students as part of our Upper Programming class.

All Rex Programming units have been designed by a collaborative team of educators and computer scientists and meets or exceeds state and national educational standards for STEM and computer science curriculum.

at will last a lifetime and provide students with a solid foundation in several of the programming languages used by professional programmers. It is recommended for high school students and middle school students with programming experience. AP Computer Science classes are available as part of our Upper Programming curriculum.