December 1, 2015 | Caitlin Webb

Our team is made up of both educators and programmers. We realized early on that there is a wonderful result brought on by the combination of IT Professionals and Educators. While educators have been trained on the communication needed to bring students to understand hard concepts, programmers have lived and breathed in the professional world that we are pushing our students towards.

Even beyond the classroom, in every step we take, we require the cooperation of all sides of our employees. With diversity and experience, we allow for an outside perspective to be brought up in every area of our business. One of the areas that sees one of the largest benefits is our curriculum. All of our curriculum is designed using the gradual release of responsibility model to help students understand, work together, and independently become learners. This model brought by our educators is filled with professional terms, experience, projects, and goals by our programmers.

Outside of our curriculum, we still see the benefits of this partnership. In every meeting or event planned, we have activities and ideas brought on by both sides. This variation in ideas and activities helps engage the students’ diverse interests. We know that our students have different interest, come from different backgrounds, and enjoy different things. By mixing and diversifying our events, parties, and games, we know we will entertain and engage more of students in and outside of the classroom.

Finally, this mix of employees helps us relate to our students and parents more. While having both experienced educators and programmers, we can answer parent questions about both education and programming. Our partnership allows for all bases to be covered, and it leaves our parents comfortable and eager to bring their students to class. This wonderful partnership is what makes Rex succeed as a business.